The Perfect Wintertime Getaway

Worldwide - Monday, November 17th, 2014

When winter hits, you probably start fantasizing about warm-weather locales for a getaway vacation. Truth is, a wintertime getaway is the perfect prescription for the cold weather blues. But it doesn’t have to be a hot tropical paradise — even escaping to a cold climate can help you experience something new. Check out these wintertime activities and discover how they can help you take a break from it all and relax.

Exploring Mont Tremblant

Whether you’re looking to hit the slopes on some of North America’s best ski resorts or a relaxing wintertime escape in a quaint little village, Mont Tremblant offers an experience to fit anyone’s needs. Explorers can take advantage of the exhilarating winter sports activities offered throughout the town while others may rather opt to take advantage of some valuable rest and relaxation at one of the area’s many spas. Regardless of your choice, Mont Tremblant is sure to provide the setting for a wintertime experience you will never forget.

The Gully Lake Ski Trails

For true fitness enthusiasts and explorers, the wintertime doesn’t mark an end to getting up and out of the home. The Gully Lake Wilderness Area makes for an unforgettable wintertime escape to stretch your legs while taking in some of the abundant wildlife and breathtaking natural surroundings of the wilderness. Whether you choose to snowmobile or ski your way through the trail system, you are sure to discover a unique adventure opportunity along your way.

Ice Skating Across Nova Scotia

When the wintertime offers little in snowfall, maybe try your hand at ice skating. Every now and then, all the weather conditions and elements align to create the perfect natural setting for ice skating across the lakes and rivers throughout the country. Every few years, the conditions are just right to skate your way across the Panuke Lake, offering you a challenging exercise while taking in some of the natural surroundings of the lake.

The Maine Coast in February

Traveling to the Southern Maine Coast may seem crazy in the winter, but it’s surprisingly serene — and best of all quiet. The arcades are boarded up, the boardwalks that hum with people and vendors in the heat of summer are long gone, and the foggy shore is always a refreshing place to take a long walk. Enjoy the seagulls, salty air and snow-covered towns for the ultimate in a snowy getaway. Beat the rush and cut costs by traveling in late February, making the most of every bargain along the way.

Celebrate the winter in all its forms, no matter where you head out. It doesn’t have to be a hot locale — as long as you have a chance to cozy up to the ones you love while on vacation, you’re all set. For more ideas on some of the top travel destinations across the globe, follow the journeys of Canadian travel explorer Dale Dunlop. From Nova Scotia tourist attractions to his adventures all across the globe, let the maritime explorer Dale Dunlop open your eyes to the wonder of travel.


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