Taking in Your Surroundings with “Active Transportation”

Worldwide - Monday, November 24th, 2014

Whether you are traveling near or far, each day of your vacation is sure to be jam-packed with activities designed to allow you to explore the area you are visiting. Whether you are heading to a tropical locale, a winter wonderland, a quaint and cozy town—or a bustling city, the advantages to mixing in or relying solely on active transportation are discussed below.

More Interaction with Locals

When you are confined to a car or a tour bus, you are more apt to take a direct route from your hotel to the tourist attraction you are headed to. However if you walk, or ride a bike to and from your daily activities—you will have more opportunities to interact with locals. Otherwise, the majority of people you interact with are likely to be hotel travelers—or travelers at tourist attractions.

Interacting more with locals allows you to experience the authentic culture of your surroundings. When you come across locals, make sure to request suggestions to restaurants and attractions that are not as popular amongst tourists.

An Excellent Way to Explore Areas off The Beating Path

While you must always ensure you are aware of your surroundings, opting to hike, ski, ATV, or venture out on foot allows you to explore areas off the beating path. Even if you have a set destination you are headed to, if you are not in a rush you can take the time to explore on your way to and from. This allows you to enjoy nature, take photos, and create unique memories while you adventure.

Allows You the Time and Freedom to Take In the Scenery

When you travel via car, it is essential to keep your eyes on the road—meaning that you miss out on seeing the local architecture, local residents, and local landscape. Since most active traveling options allow you to stop as you please—you are allowed the time and freedom required to take in the surrounding beauty.

Keeps You Healthy While Traveling

Sometimes squeezing in a trip to the gym is not convenient while traveling, or not something you want to do because it takes time away from your vacation. By mixing in some active traveling, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to your fitness routine.

The benefits above are just a few reasons to make your next vacation more memorable by mixing in more active travel. Even if you only turn to active travel one or two times during your trip, the quality of time it affords is priceless. Discover more of the benefits of active travel by following the travel writings of Dale Dunlop, The Maritime Explorer. With a lifelong mission to travel and explore, Dale Dunlop shares his memories of each new adventure with his Canadian travel blog. From things to do in Nova Scotia to across the globe, follow Dale Dunlop on his journey and let him inspire an adventure of your own.


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