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Barbados - Thursday, March 19th, 2015

If you’re looking to plan the trip of a lifetime, look no further than taking a journey down to the small island of Barbados. Easily the most British island in all the Caribbean, Barbados offers travelers a relaxing escape to their ideal island paradise.

Guests to Barbados will have an endless amount of opportunity to see and do, from exploring the island’s coral white sand beaches to exploring the inner islands rolling hills and gullies. An adventure traveler’s dream, Barbados offers travelers one of the most welcoming travel experiences the world has to offer.

Learn more about the island of Barbados by following the travel writings of Dale Dunlop, The Maritime Explorer, as he makes his way to the island. With his loves of exploration and writing, The Maritime Explorer is proud to share every detail of his adventures with his devoted readers. Discover more about this unique paradise and follow along the travel blog of The Maritime Explorer today.

Things to Know About Barbados


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