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Barbados - Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

With its lush tropical setting and luxurious style of living, it comes as no surprise that many travelers place Barbados near the top of their lists of must-see destinations. Whether you spend the day soaking up sunshine on one of the island’s magnificent white sand beaches or dining at one of the island’s exceptional eateries, Barbados offers guests the perfect blend of traditional and cosmopolitan living.

While the island is home to many popular and well-known tourist attractions, the real treasure of Barbados comes while seeking out some of the area’s lesser-known highlights. From the bustling atmosphere of Brighton Market to the low-key relaxation of Mullins Beach, Barbados is filled with hidden gems that truly give travelers a feel for the island paradise.

Explore some of the island’s most hidden gems and well-known attractions by following along the Maritime Explorer as he shares the tale of his own island adventure.  The Maritime Explorer seeks to explore all of the hidden gems that the world has to offer, sharing his experiences to inspire fellow travelers along the way. Find some inspiration for your next adventure and follow his adventure blog today.

Hidden Gems of Barbados from The Maritime Explorer


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