Diving Headfirst into Kawartha Lakes

Ontario - Friday, August 7th, 2015

Nestled between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron, Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes is the perfect outdoor playground, with a variety of attractions and activities to enjoy year round. Until 2001, Kawartha Lakes was known as Victoria County and traces its recorded history back to 1791 when Canada was divided into two provinces. Originally populated by a number of local Indian tribes, large waves of immigrants began populating the area after the War of 1812. Small townships and communities popped up in the region, but the defining feature to this day is the prominence of nature, particularly the lakes, which eventually prompted the name change to Kawartha Lakes. Here’s your guide to making the best of a Kawartha Lakes vacation.

Explore the Arts, Culture & Heritage

Visitors can explore Kawartha Lakes history and heritage by visiting the excellent local museums, historical societies, and sites throughout the region. Through education, promotion, and partnerships the Kawartha Lakes Culture and Heritage Network actively seeks to preserve and showcase the local history. Some museums to check out for in particular include the Kawartha Settlers’ Village, the Boyd Heritage Museum, Highlands Cinema and Museum, and the Museum of Temporary Art.

Kawartha Lakes is also a bustling center for the arts, with many talented artists in the community, including a number of musicians and performers. There are several local galleries that display the work of prominent local artists that offer events throughout the year. A number of venues and concert series offer ample opportunity to enjoy live music, including Lindsay Concert Foundation, the Academy Theatre of Performing Arts, and the annual summer ‘Concerts in the Park’ program.

Outdoor Attractions & Activities

One of the biggest attractions of visiting Kawartha Lakes is undoubtedly the opportunity to appreciate and play in the awe-inspiring scenery. It all begins with the Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Reserve, the largest reserve in Ontario, which encompasses over one thousand acres of forest and forested wetlands. Another major natural attraction is the Trent-Severn Waterway that links the many lakes and waterways of the region.

Aside from hiking and basking in the natural beauty, there are a number of other spectacular outdoor activities visitors can take part in, ranging from bird watching to cross country skiing.  Choose from the myriad of trails and explore the land via horseback, bicycle, or canoe/kayak.  Those keen on sports can choose from water sports, skiing/snowboarding, hunting, fishing, a relaxing round of golf, and more.

Accommodations & Dining

There’s an abundance when it comes to dining in Kawartha Lakes and options range from fast food to fine gourmet dining experiences that include Mediterranean, Chinese, and Thai restaurants. Local restaurants and cafes also offer a wonderful culinary mix of organic foods and local ingredients on their unique and creative menus. Kawartha is known for locally grown produce as well as maple syrup, goat cheese, ice cream and meats.

Finding a place to stay in Kawartha Lakes is a breeze and visitors can choose between anything from camping to all-inclusive inns and resorts. Several different campsites and trailer parks are available for use by those who love to rough it in nature. Anyone who wishes for a bit more comfort can check out the inns, motels, resorts, and cute bed and breakfasts. Visitors looking for independence can consider renting one of the many cottages or even a houseboat to better explore the waterways.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a weeklong retreat, there is no place better than Kawartha Lakes. Start planning your trip to this Canadian treasure with help from The Maritime Explorer. For years, Dale Dunlop of The Maritime Explorer has dedicated his life to sharing details on the world’s most spectacular destinations to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Check out his travel writings on Kawartha Lakes, and start planning your ultimate getaway today!


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