7 Life Lessons Learned From Traveling Across the Globe

Worldwide - Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Almost everyone loves to travel, or at least the idea of it.  Traveling isn’t just a great time for adventures, getting out and discovering the world is possibly the best form of education.  It gets you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or the monotony of a 9-5 job and out of your comfort zone.  Travel is an amazing way to learn not just about other people and countries, but also about yourself. Here are just some of the many things you can learn as you take advantage of travel opportunities.

Trying New Things

It’s difficult for most people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.  When traveling you probably won’t be given the choice because you will inevitably be faced with new things, whether it’s food, people, or ideas. As a traveler, you learn to embrace the unknown and come to realize that doing so will make you richer in the long run.  Trying new things and seeing new places is, after all, what traveling is really all about.

How to Talk to People 

One of the greatest things about traveling is the opportunity to constantly meet new people.  As a consequence, you begin to learn how to talk to people, to make friendships quickly, and make the most out of a short time together.  Many times this means picking up a foreign language or two.   Doing so will immediately open up a new world to you.  People love when travelers try to speak with them in their native tongue and even learning a few words can make you new friends fast.

A Lot of Money Isn’t Necessary to Travel

A majority of people think that you need thousands of dollars to travel.  This just isn’t true.  Sure, the average long-term traveler probably won’t be staying in five-star hotels and dining out at London’s finest restaurants, but they’ll manage to circle the globe for years on end.  Those who really want to travel find a way to make it happen, independent of the money issue.  They find a way to make money online or get work in restaurants, hotels, in the tourist industry, and at many other jobs.

Most People Want the Same Things

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Idaho potato farmer or an Indian businessman, most people in the world want the same things.  Humans are surprisingly similar around the globe and across cultures.  They want to be loved and be with the people they love, care for their family, and have enough to live comfortably.

Waiting Won’t Pay Off

Most people are waiting for something, till they have enough money, the time is right, and so on.  The truth is the universe will never align itself perfectly so if you don’t seize the moment, life is going to slip away before you have the chance to get off on all those future adventures you’ve promised yourself.

No One Has It All Figured Out

We all have people we admire and think, ‘this guy/girl has it together’.  Here’s a secret traveling will teach you: no one has it all figured out.  Life is complicated.  This is what makes it difficult and beautiful at the same time.  Everyone is just making things up as they go along.

Do What Makes You Happy

Somewhere down the line we all got tricked into becoming machines in a system to gain a modicum of what we call ‘success’.  Traveling teaches you that life is short and you should do the things that make you happy.  Maybe it’s travel, maybe it’s not, but there’s not point wasting your precious life doing things or being with people that don’t make you happy.

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