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Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

This is a gallery I put together of Kenyan wildlife photos taken on a recent Adventures Abroad trip to that country. It includes photographs from Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara Reserve and Nairobi National Park. I hope this inspires the reader to go ‘on safari’.

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Dale Dunlop
Dale Dunlop The Maritime Explorer
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  • Even more Musicians of Bremen
    • 1.2.2014
    • 1,084


    For a few years I made regular trips to Hamburg to meet with some clients (and friends) who lived there. On the last visit we flew to London and took the Chunnel to Brussels where we stayed for three days and then took the train to Bremen for a one day stay. While the weather […]

  • Rhine River from Cathedral
    • 1.2.2014
    • 1,115


    I visited Cologne as a boy with my grandparents and never forgot the overpowering immensity of its great Gothic cathedral. Recently, due to the vagaries of traveling on points I found myself at Dusseldorf airport with a long layover before heading on to Rome. Not wanting to waste the day I took the train to […]

  • Hale o Keawe , The Big Island
    • 1.2.2014
    • 1,208

    The Big Island

      Hawaii or the Big Island as everybody seems to call it was our last stop on our Hawaiian adventure and it turned out to be the most surprising. Of all the small Hawaiian cities we visited I would easily put Kona-Kailua at the top in terms of combining history, natural beauty and a really […]

  • Caldea, Andorra La Vella
    • 30.1.2014
    • 1,287


    I had just finished a solo hiking trip in La Garrotxa National Park in northern Spain when I found myself with a few days to kill before meeting Alison in Madrid where she was attending the World Oil Conference. Looking at maps for some inspiration I realized that the tiny country of Andorra was nearby and […]

  • On the beach Barcelona
    • 30.1.2014
    • 1,332


    We came to Barcelona on our second visit to Spain and found an incredibly vibrant city that frankly, made me feel a little on the old side. Everything in Barcelona seems to be aimed at the young, beautiful people that throng La Rambla and the city’s very clean beaches. The main attraction of course was […]

  • Tomb of Amyntas, Fethiye
    • 30.1.2014
    • 1,135

    Blue Cruise, Lycian Coast, Turkey

    Turkey is one of my very favourite countries. I find the people very hospitable and the food great. While I am no fan of large boat cruising, a Blue Cruise is something completely different; small wooden vessels called gulets usually host no more than twenty guests with three of four crew members. We took our Blue Cruise […]

  • Autumn on Marble Mountain
    • 30.1.2014
    • 1,218

    Autumn in Humber Valley

    Western Newfoundland is a place I have grown to love during quite a few visits over the past decade, however, the reason for this visit was the marriage of Julia Smart, a former associate who had returned to her home town of Corner Brook to work for Legal Aid, then under the direction of my […]

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