1. edition

    The Nova Scotia Colour Guide, 7th Edition

    This is small pocket guide to Nova Scotia that is one of a series of Colour Guides on various Canadian destinations. I wrote the chapters on Hiking, Cycling and Golf. Click Here to buy a copy.

  2. Tent Dwellers

    The Tent Dwellers

    I was fortunate enough to be asked to be part of a centennial recreation of the trip first described in this iconic  outdoors tale. Nimbus put out a special edition and asked me to write the introduction. Hope to eventually get  details of the trip up under Explorations. Click Here to buy a copy.

  3. Sable Island – Online Medical Post

    In 2011 I joined other Explorer’s Club members for a trip to Sable Island on the first day it was declared a National Park Reserve. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day and fellow club member Dr. George Burden and I co-wrote this piece for the Sable Island – Online Medical Post.

  1. escapade

    Saint John Telegraph

    Lest the reader believe I only write about Atlantic Canada here are a couple of stories I did for the Saint John Telegraph. The first is about an unplanned visit to the tiny country of Andorra. Click Here for the photo gallery. and the second is about one of the best and easiest kayaking destinations in the world – the Great Calusa Blueway in Lee County Florida. Anytime you can include your 80+ mother-in-law in a story is a bonus.

  2. Saltscapes Magazine

    Saltscapes Magazine

    Saltscapes Magazine is to Atlantic Canada what Harrowsmith once was for Ontario, a publication that has attained iconic status by printing stories about what makes life in Atlantic Canada so compelling and romantic not only to those who live there, but the hundreds of thousands who have had no choice but to go down the road. Jim and Linda Gourlay run a great operation and are a treat to write for. Here are links to some of my favourite stories.

    Who knew there was an enclave of English speakers in the overwhelmingly French Iles de la Madelaine. I didn’t until I visited Entry Island a few years ago.Here is a link to more Photos.

    The bluefin tuna is the largest of the tuna family and the largest of the large are found in Maritime waters. Here’s a story that tells you how to enjoy Bluefin Tuna Without Killing Them.

    As a golf journalist I love to play and write about great courses. What a great thing to have the Best New Course In North America on my very doorstep. Here are few more Photos.

    Even before Cabot Links Cape Breton was a Golfer’s Paradise.

    Speaking of golf, what’s more fun to do as a couple than to play some golf and then relax at a Great Inn Over A Good Meal And A Nice Bottle(S) Of Wine. View the photos Here.

    Cycling is the one recreation that doesn’t seem to get that much tougher as I get older. Long after my running days are over I expect to be cycling in places like the Confederation Trail On The Gentle Island.

    Maine is a place I like to get to as much as possible. It has all the attributes of a fifth Atlantic province with L.L. Bean’s thrown in. Here’s a story I did on the Moosehead Lake Region in the fall of 2012. Here are some extra Photos.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Eastern PEI and this story explains part of the reason why.

    Hiking And Vikings? Only in Newfoundland. Here’s the Photo Gallery.

    We returned to western Newfoundland to experience and write about Autumn In The Humber Valley. Here are more Photos.

    How about father and son bonding at New Brunswick’s fabulous Mactaquac Provincial Park? Here are the Photos.

    In the 2014 edition I wrote this story about the world renowned Bay of Fundy.

    In 2015 I stayed home and wrote about Halifax. Saltscapes Travel 2015

    I’ve written two articles for 2016 : The Open Air On The Open Road – a story about Atlantic Canada’s ideal twisty coastal roads for motorcyclists, and On The Rise – Moncton’s Resurgo Place, where the past meets the future.

  3. RV Gazette Magazine

    RV Gazette

    In 2011 my son and namesake joined me for a wickedly rough 4,000 km. journey across the Trans- Labrador Highway. There was so much to see and do that Marcia Anderson of RV Gazette agreed to run it in two parts.

    The father and son RV trip proved to be so popular that we repriced it in 2012, this time spending a week exploring Nova Scotia’s seldom visited Eastern Shore. Once again Marcia ran it in two parts. Here is a link to the Photos.

    In 2013 year Alison and I spent a week exploring New Brunswick’s wonderful Bay of Fundy coast. It appeared as a two part story in the January and March editions.

    In 2014 Dale Jr. and I met up in Toronto and spent a week doing just about everything possible there is to do in the Waterloo Region. Read the story in the January and March editions.

  1. January, 2016 Canadian RVing

    For 2015 we visited La Belle Province and for the January 2016 issue scored this cover shot. That’s Dale Jr. just across the Ottawa River from the Houses of Parliament. Here’s a link to the story on Outoaouis. The second part of the story featured  the Cantons de L’Est. Here’s the link. RV Gazette Story On Quebec Part 2

  2. Cross Country Skier Magazine

    Cross Country Skier

    I love Cross-Country Skiing And I Love Gros Morne so when I got a chance to combine them in a story for Cross Country Skier magazine I jumped at the chance.

  3. Up! Magazine

    Up! Magazine

    2013 marked the 300th anniversary of the founding of Louisbourg. I was asked by Up! Magazine to write a short piece. Here’s a link to the July 2013 edition. My Piece Is On Page 27.