In the early morning rain

Holland 2014 - Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Just like Gordon Lightfoot I’m staring at the morning rain pouring down for what seems like the umpteenth weekend in a row, but unlike old Gordie I do have some place to go. The coffee shops of Amsterdam beckon and I am buoyed by the knowledge that a week from today Alison and I will be securely ensconced inside one without a care in the world. Might even drop into a smart shop like Zamnesia to get something to make me forget this god-awful winter. Henny Groenendijk, the uber affable Netherlands tourism rep for Canada sent me pictures of the Keukenhof Gardens taken on Wednesday and they are in full bloom. My fears that the European spring would be as delayed as ours are groundless.  Here’s what we might see if we could rent a helicopter.

Since I don’t have any pictures of Dutch flowers yet, here are a few of my own garden last spring. Although my body is still on this side of the pond, my mind and spirit are in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to say farewell to Nova Scotia. Tot ziens.

early crocii
Narcissus Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim Narcissi
Pink Primula

Closeup of a tulip
Tulip Closeup
Tulips in raised bed
Raised bed Tulips


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