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  • #9 - Old Quarry
    • 17.10.2018
    • 8.5/10
    • 2,704


    Old Quarry G. C. – A Pete Dye Masterwork

    I’ve been playing golf longer than I care to remember and at courses around the world I do care to remember. Among golf architects, Pete Dye has always been my favourite, although I know others who abhor his signature railroad ties and the difficulty of some of his courses. My personal favourites about which you […]

  • Apes Hill #13
    • 28.9.2018
    • 9/10
    • 1,911


    Apes Hill Golf Club Hole by Hole

    Barbados in not generally considered a golf destination in and of itself. Most people come here for the sun, sand, sea and the incredible Bajan culture and the legendary welcoming attitude. On this website you’ll find thirteen different posts on various must do and see things in Barbados including this one on how to get […]